APOSTLE ROSETTA BRYSON has been called dynamic, anointed, and captivating.  Known for her ability to usher in the presence of God, Pastor Bryson has preached extensively throughout the United States and to such international destinations as Kenya, Barbados, Russia, South Africa, Bahamas and Jamaica, West Indies.
Born in the Blue Hill Mountains of Galax, Virginia, Pastor Bryson did her early matriculation in the public schools of Kansas City, Missouri.  After graduating from high school, Pastor Bryson attended college in Washington, DC and in 1992 graduated with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and an Associates Degree in Urban Studies.  Pastor Bryson continued her studies at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, where she graduated in May of 1995, earning a Master of Divinity Degree, with a concentration in Biblical Studies and Ethics.  While at Emory Pastor Bryson was elected President of the African American Student Caucus and earned the distinction of being the only African American woman in her class to graduate in the Honors program.  Rev. Bryson is currently pursuing her Doctorate in the area of Hebrew Studies and Ethics.
In May of 1995, the Mayor of Washington, DC, appointed her Deputy Director of Religious Affairs for the Nations Capital and in December of 1996, Reverend Bryson was ordained and began to Pastor One Accord Ministries in Washington, DC.  Fluent in 6 languages.  Rev. Bryson is a published author and in the summer of ‘2010 will release a series of new works for print.
In January of ‘2000 after a time of prayer and holy consecration in the presence of God, Pastor Bryson was supernaturally given the vision, vehicle and release by God to ignite the world through “IMPACT…the Next Move of God”, conferences.  Having received a threefold apostolic, prophetic and psalmist anointing, Pastor Bryson believes that when the word is and the flesh collide upon impact flesh is cut down and the one thing that will remain is the Word.
In December 2001, Reverend Bryson relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where she stands in the office of Senior Pastor of Word of Life Kingdom Church one of the fastest growing churches in South Florida.  She currently is the spiritual covering for three churches Jamaica and can be contacted at http://www.wolkc.org.

5 Responses to About

  1. rona smith says:

    I never knew a WORD could be so powerful until i met my Pastor Rosetta Bryson,while i am still a baby in Christ her annointing,and words has made me look at life in a different way.God is so good to me,through all my trials and tribulations i will praise his name at all times.


  3. I was truly impacted the words, insight, and anointing on this powerfully accurate woman of God!
    May God continue to protect you and bless your in your ministry.

  4. Mattie Mayhorn says:

    I have been blessed by this great woman of God. A truly anointed vessel of God. I try to view her every Sunday on the Word Network @ 5:30 am. May God continue to smile on this ministry.

  5. ACIA MOND says:

    This is truly an amazing exxperience to have a Pastor as strong as her after my last Pastor I had I never thought I would find someone as good as him I love my Pastor Bryson and am happy to have been under her wing for 6 years growing strong.

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